About Us





Dear Valued Customers,



By opening my restaurant an old dream came true. Namely, to familiarize and endear all of my possible customers and friends with our meals are based on my old traditional Japanese family receipts. Even before I arrived to Hungary, I knew that I will open my restaurant in this country. As a born Japanese, I endeavor to provide the usual Japanese restaurant feeling through configuration, furnish and the compilation of menu. As I see, it is different that people accustomed for in Europe.


Our Guests can experience the tastes and milieu of a traditional Japanese restaurant. In conformity with these principals we solely use spices and ingredients imported from Japan to our meals specially selected by my own hands and according to the very traditions of Japanese food preparation. Our chefs learnt their techniques of cooking in Japan which aims to ensure that our Guests taste real Japanese flavors. Our main line of meals are the Ramen that is accompanied with traditionally popular meals and other kind of main dishes and one-course dishes. Our selection of beverages includes many variations of sake, Japanese beer and the ever-present Japanese green tea which makes special of the way of making it.



I would like to ensure you that Biwako Ramen House is a fully authentic Japanese restaurant. Therefore – unlike some of our rivals - we do not prepare and serve meals called Japanese that are made of low quality ingredients and spices originating from other Asian territories.


I warmly welcome the lovers of authentic Japanese meals.



Sato Hitoshi

Owner of Biwako Japanese Ramen House