BIWAKO Japanese Ramen House and Grocery

Dear Guests, welcome at Biwako.



Japanese style noodle restaurant

WELCOME to "biwako Ramen house & Grocery " !





We hope here is a place that all of you can enjoy truly tasty JAPANESE Noodles (Ramen) and feel relax like your home and country. 

We are not only serving JAPANESE Ramen but also home made JAPANESE meal and Dessert (Macha ice cream, Dorayaki etc.). 

Of course you can enjoy tasting SAKE (JAPANESE Rice Wine) ,  Syochu (liquar made from sweet potato, rice etc.) and Umeshu.


We are looking forward to meet you soon!




“Ramen HOUSE BIWAKO” moved to here in Eötvös u. 25/A from Veres Palne u. 22 since 1st April 2015.